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I reside in Bed-Stuy, an authentically diverse Brooklyn neighborhood in New York. Here the tree lined streets frame historic brownstones and bodegas are found on every corner. Neighbors nod while crossing paths and strangers share sounds across echoing blocks.

My 1908 apartment building is nestled in between others and almost blends in with the sky on an overcast day. Take four narrow flights of stairs up and you will find my humble studio, the smallest and priciest place I have ever called home.

The sun drenched space balances the character of wooden floors with my appreciation for modern appliances. Blank walls highlight how to be an artist and Bob Dylan’s silhouette. Stripes and vibrant hues pop up where plants share ledges with a finicky feline. Air circulates palo santo and P.F. Candle Co. scents. Hints of nautical themes and swan figurines are spread throughout. Music is always audible, and placement has purpose.